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Welcome to iPrints

iPrints is the only retro-fit solution that enables you to make any pair of gloves touch screen compatible. Patent pending, iPrints can be fitted to any existing pair of gloves, allowing you to use capacitive touch screens as you would with bare hands. iPrints strips cause no damage to the gloves, and can be removed if required.


Capacitive touch screen technology, used in Smartphone, MP3 and eReader devices is designed to respond to human touch. We use this technology every day, including during winter, work, or while playing sports where we cover our hands. Before iPrints, touchscreens could not be used without removing gloves, which may be impractical or even dangerous in extreme conditions. The only existing solutions to this problem were specialised styluses or gloves which are often expensive and impractical to use. iPrints allows you to make any pair of gloves touch screen compatible, allowing you to get the most out of your equipment without compromising on performance or usability.

The innovation

"Use your touch screen phone with your gloves on!"

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